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The Haymaker (H&S) Home For The Wedding (W.M.) Home For The Wedding (H&S) Honey For Tea (H&S)
Honey For Tea (W.M.) I Love A Lass (W.M.) Iris In Winter (W.M.) Iris In Winter (Hale)
Journey's Eve(H&S) The Lark Shall Sing (H&S) The Lark Shall Sing
Last Straw For Harriet (W.M.)
Language Of The Heart (H&S) Letter To My Love (H&S) The Marrying Kind (H&S) The Marrying Kind (W.M.)
Men And Angels (H&S) Mixed Marriage (H&S) Money To Burn (H&S) Money To Burn (W.M.)
Mrs Westerby Changes Course (W.M.) My Dear Aunt Flora (Hale) Out of the Rain (W.M.) Out of the Rain (H&S)
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