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Alice Where Art Thou? (H&S) A Lion In The Way (W.M.) A Lion In The Way (H&S) Any Two Can Play (H&S)
Any Two Can Play (W.M.) Around The Rugged Rock (W.M.) Be My Guest (H&S) The Blue Sky Of Spring(H&S)
Bridal Array (H&S) Brimstone In The Garden (W.M.) Canary Yellow Canary Yellow
Come Be My Guest (W.M.) Consider The Lilies (H&S) The Corner Shop (W.M.)
The Corner Shop (H&S)
Crystal Clear (W.M.) The Cuckoo In Spring (W.M.) The Cuckoo In Spring (H&S) Death Among Friends
(White Lion)

Death Among Friends (H&S) Deck With Flowers (H&S) Deck With Flowers (W.M.)
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