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Elizabeth Cadell
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Elizabeth Cadell was:

  • "Born and brought up in India. (I think the American term is raised, but my parents couldn't have known it, as they raised me to a mere 5 feet and left it at that)."
  • "Educated in Calcutta, London and Darjeeling (in that order)."
  • "Am an orphan. Am also a widow, left with two children to educate and not much to do it on. Solved this problem by placing them both at expensive establishments and working to keep them there. Tried various secretarial posts and enjoyed them all but disagreed with the system of coming to work at this time and going home at that time. Decided to work at something which I could do in my own hours and discovered writing. Can recommend it to all thoroughly lazy women. Now live in care-free squalor on a farm near York."
  • Goal - "A balcony overlooking the Mediterranean."
  • Ambition -"To make up for all those years I wasted working"
~Taken from the back cover of "Last Straw for Harriet" in the author's own words

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