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Book Title Aunts Notes
Any Two Can Play Aunts Clarice, Geraldine & Blanche
The Blue Sky of Spring Aunt Mary (Miss Dryden-Smith)
Brimstone in the Garden Aunt Elinor
Consider the Lilies Aunt Caroline Dandy & Delfine’s aunt
The Corner Shop Aunt Camille
Crystal Clear Aunt Louise & Aunt Julia
The Cuckoo in Spring Aunt Rowena
The Fledgling Great Aunts Pilar & Piedade
The Fox from His Lair Aunt Annabelle Aunt to James & John
Game in Diamonds Aunt Brenda Lydia Cresset's aunt
Gay Pursuit Aunt Julia Philip’s great aunt
The Golden Collar Aunt Ofelia
Home for the Wedding Aunt Amy
Honey for Tea Aunt Eddie
Letter to my Love Aunts Netta & Ettie
I Love a Lass Aunt (Tante) Francine
The Lark shall Sing Aunt Mary The late Mrs. Wayne's sister
The Lark shall Sing Aunt Maggie Not really their aunt and not named Maggie
Last Straw for Harriet Aunt Adelina
The Marrying Kind Aunt Magda Jess and Laura Seton's uncle's wife
Men and angels Aunt Jane Richard & Judy’s aunt
Men and angels Aunt Hester & Aunt Anne Rae’s aunts
Money to Burn Aunts Elvira, Rosande, & Dolly
My Dear Aunt Flora Aunt Flora
My Dear Aunt Flora Aunt Phyl
The Past Tense of Love Aunts Elvira, Sylvia, Dulcie & Thea
River Lodge Aunt Ella
River Lodge Aunt Emmelina
Royal Summons Aunt Laura
Shadows on the Water Aunt Kate not really Lindy & Rex’s aunt just a term of affection
Sugar Candy Cottage Aunt Zoe
Toy Sword Tia Maria Jesus from Montebarca
Toy Sword Aunt Olga Robert Forth’s wife
The Waiting Game Aunt Beatrice Gianna’s Aunt
The Yellow Brick Road Aunt Jody
The Yellow Brick Road Aunt Essie real name is Estelle

- A special thanks to Maria Largent for all her work in gathering this information